Hyperspace Basketball Trance


Hyperspace Basketball Trance GamePlay:

Throw planets into the hoop of the target planet. Get yourself some stars and diamonds. Keep an eye out for potentially hazardous asteroids. Aim for the planet hoop that is escaping and disappearing. Collect stars to advance to the next level. Trade diamonds for an asteroids-destroying shield! Replace the diamonds with a large hoop to make it easier to throw! Trade diamonds for new and improved planets! Have some fun and unwind with this intriguing gameplay.

In this case at Friv best games, you must be cautious of asteroids. The collected stars can be used to advance to the next level, and diamonds can be used to buy asteroids protection and upgrade the ball planet to new ones. The game Hyperspace Basketball Trance has over a hundred varying difficulty levels, ten different planets, and colorful graphics.

Features: Control is simple. Explosions and hitting the target have interesting effects. There are 105 levels of varying difficulty! There are ten different planets to collect and throw! Try 45s, 60s, and 75s. There are so many different asteroids! Excellent throwing experience. Graphics that are simple but eye-catching. Sounds that are pleasant. Everyone has a good time!

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Use the mouse or touch to play this game.