Impostor Rescue Online


Impostor Rescue Online GamePlay:

Impostor Rescue Online is an addictive and challenging rescue pin pulling the game in which you need to help Impostor safe from dangers. This game has the same gameplay as other pin-pulling puzzle games at play friv Games. You need to pull the pins in the right order to make the water flow into the Impostor’s room. When that room is filled with water, Impostor is saved.

Pulling the pin sounds so easy but it’s challenging because you have to pull the right pin in the right order. If you pull a wrong pin, Impostor will die. Impostor life is being threatened by hot lava, monster, and more. The only solution to deal with all dangers is to use water. Lead the water to pull cool the lava and kill the monster. If you pull the pin used to separate Impostor and any threaten, you know what’s gonna happen, don’t you? There are several pins but there is only one life on a level.

Therefore, you’re better to observe before taking action. Like other puzzle games at, the later levels are more challenging than the previous ones. More obstacles appear. You are put into more tricky situations that require you to think and use your flexible brain to solve the puzzle. Try to complete each level with 3 stars. Then you can use these stars to unlock 4 different skins for your Impostor. How much time do you need to clear 30 levels?

Time is unlimited but you can set a time milestone by yourself to reach. How many dangers does Impostor deal with? Accompany him to pass every obstacle and enjoy your free time in other fun games such as Ben 10 Hero Time and Stickman Death Run.

How to play: Mouse or touch to pull the pin.

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