Stickman Death Run


Stickman Death Run GamePlay:

Do you want to join an intense running race? Welcome to Stickman Death Run at Friv Land a runner journey where you stop, then you die. Here, you have to run towards and jump over the obstacles to keep your life safe and finish each level. You are being chased by a moving wall filled with spike and waiting for you in the front is tons of traps. If you stop running, you will be crushed by the spike wall and if you fail to jump over any obstacles, you also die.

You have to run and jump all the time. Remember that the wall always moves. It won’t stop, even for a second. You can stop but don’t stop for too long because your life is threatened by dangerous traps from behind and front. The gameplay is quite straight forwards. You can master the rules after the first level. However, to achieve victory, you may need time.

There is a variety of games that has simple to play and hard to master like this game at This kind of game requires your hand speed and reaction. You can expect that the challenging level of the game increases over time. Then what will you deal with? The moving speed of the wall increases for sure and more deadly obstacles appear. You are challenged to a whole new level. Later on, failure several times is normal. However, if you pay attention every second and are in good mood, you can clear all levels at ease.

Hope you have a great time and make sure you discover our game collection to find your favorite one. If you need something fun to play instantly, here are some options for you: Survive The Glass Bridge and Stair Race 3D.

Instructions: D to move and W to jump.

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