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Knife Flip is a cool, medieval-themed game at Tap to FlippyThrow knives onto jungle to chop down woods to get to the finish, just don't fall off! So let's Flip the Knife in the forest.

Think you can take on the Impossible Flippy Knife?


♦ 30 crazy bottles to unlock!
♦PLAY for free this the knives. Earn coins for more precise hits

♦ Stunning flat graphics design!
♦ Nice and realistic sounds!
♦ Amazing physics to perform the best flip trick shots, knife thrower!
♦ Special knife thrower
♦ ricky levels

A lot of fun awaits you at Friv 2018 free! Find out how SHARP you are!

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Your goal is to throw the flipping knife in the air in order to make it land blade down on the ground collecting as many coins as you can to buy new weapons.

You lose when the knife lands on its grip. You can also play the fruit mode, in which you have to slice fruit in half to earn coins. Set the highest score possible and become the legendary master of the Knife Flip in Friv games for school. Have fun!


♦ Select your favourite Flippy knives or bottles
♦ Swipe your finger in the screen to flip the Knife
♦ Try to land it correctly all times you can
♦ Earn coins and unlock lots of new knives


Do not EVER try to do this at home!

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