Knife Up


Knife Up GamePlay:

Throw knife may be fun but dangerous. However, you can forget about danger, just enjoy only fun in an exciting endless one-touch knife throwing game called Knife Up. It differs from those in the same genre that you have played before. Your objective is not to force up all required knives on each level and try to avoid other knives and obstacles.

At friv Games play, you embark in an endless knife throwing journey in which you have to go as high as you can. Climb up with your only knife and reach to the top. The score you get depends on how long you can go. In each turn, you will see a moving arrow. You use it to determine the next pot your knife will go.

This game is not about how many knives do you throw and how many apples do you break successfully. It’s all about how far you can reach. There aren’t any obstacles that you have to avoid here. The only thing threatens you is the gap between platform. You must aim and throw your knife at the right time to make it reach the right target but not to go out of these platforms.

On, throwing apples give you extra points. Another point you should notice is the green part of each platform. Throw your knife at there, you earn extra 100 points while cutting through an apple give you only 1 point. Force up your knife accurately and quickly. If you take too much time to aim, you also lose. Get the highest score and break it. Have fun! Other choices of games that you will love too are Agent P Rebel Spy and Rummy.

Instructions: Aim and throw your knife by using your mouse.

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