Mario vs Huggy Wuggy


Mario vs Huggy Wuggy GamePlay:

Mario vs Huggy Wuggy is an exciting archery game featuring Super Mario and Huggy Wuggy at friv free Games. It’s not about an adventure where Mario breaks bricks, collects mushrooms, and rescues the princess. Here, you will help Mario the archer to kill Huggy Wuggy monsters. Each level gives you a certain number of arrows and you have to defeat a certain number of the purple monsters. Both sides can’t move.

Mario stays skills and the monsters stay still either. Take your time to aim and shoot at each Huggy Wuggy. Try your best to defeat a monster with a shot. You can even shoot down several monsters with only one arrow if you aim accurately. The game ends when you run out of arrows while monsters still survive. When you fail, you just need to restart that level. As you level up, the game becomes harder as the monsters will hide behind some obstacles.

You will find it hard to make the arrows approach them. Like many archery or shooting games at, you can make use of the walls or obstacles to kill monsters. You can shoot at the walls or obstacles and the arrow will bounce and the monsters may get shot. Sometimes, you can shoot at an object to make it drop at monsters or make use of TNT to blow them up. There are several ways to kill monsters.

Time is unlimited; therefore, take your time to aim to shoot down each target. As an experienced archer, no target can escape from your shot for sure. Check it out now and don’t forget to explore other fun games on our site such as Cowboys VS Robots and Kung Fu Panda Master Tigress

How to play: Mouse.