Shooting HUGGY WUGGY GamePlay:

Huggy Wuggy is tied to a round platform and it’s rotating. Around him are several targets. Are you confident enough to throw darts at all targets without hurting Huggy Wuggy? Here in Shooting Huggy Wuggy, your mission is to throw darts into all targets on that platform to break them without hitting our cute monster. Each level allows you to fail a certain number of times. You fail when you throw at Huggy Wuggy. So try to shoot at the target accurately. Do not rush. You have time and darts to break every single target mounted to the platform.

In some first levels, the platform rotates in one direction. However, later on, it will rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. It means it will suddenly change the rotating direction. Besides, the rotating speed will significantly increase. At the moment, you will find it hard to reach your goal. It’s ok to miss a shot. You still have a chance and time to keep trying. However, if you fail at any level, you have to start over once again from level 1.

Make sure you don’t throw at Huggy Wuggy. Even though you can hurt him sometimes, it’s better to keep him safe. You don’t want to hear his scream because of hurt, do you? A level is considered to fail when you hurt the monster too many times. Try your best to shoot at the bullseye to earn the highest point. If you throw the dart at the white circle, you get 100 points. You earn 300 points for shooting at the blue circle and you get 500 points when you hit the bullseye.

Have a great time in this game and do not forget that our site is full of games for you to explore. Some of the best ones are Kitsune-Zenko and City Hero Full.

Instructions: Click or touch to throw darts.