Maze Challenge


Maze Challenge GamePlay:

Maze Challenge is based on a simple concept that is both challenging and enjoyable. Besides, it suits all ages, from kids to adults can enjoy. At Friv online, you can find several games like this one and it doesn’t mean you can’t find anything fun here. You can have so much fun while playing this game. Your ultimate goal is to lead the red square to meet the blue square. They separate apart and the red one has to find a way to approach the blue one.

The maze is complicated, you know that, right? Each maze has a specific structure. You can’t find 2 mazes that look like each other. The game counts the time and moves that you need to finish each level. So try your best to take a few steps as possible and spend as little time as possible.

On, time and move don’t matter. They don’t affect your performance. However, just consider them as your achievement and try to use them as little as possible to make this game more challenging and entertaining. You can follow any path, as long as it is the one that makes the red square meet the blue square. There may be only one path and also there may be many paths, your job is to find it. You can go back if you realize you were on the wrong path. The game won’t limit you in any aspect.

With the simple controls and minimalist design, this game offers great gaming time for anyone looking for a cool game to play. Besides this game, you can explore other choices on our site such as Fun Escape 3D and Rodeo Stampede.


Arrow keys to move.

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