Miami Traffic Racer


Miami Traffic Racer GamePlay:

Miami Traffic Racer is a racing game that brings you to Miami and gives you a chance to discover the traffic network here. You should keep in mind that you won’t race in the racecourse but in the street where many vehicles are moving. So, at friv com unblocked, you have to use 100% of your driving skills to reach the finish line and keep your life safe because you are easy to crash into other cars and get blown up. This game has a unique feature.

Unlike other games in which you will drive with the first person and it likes that you move from the bottom to the top of the screen, here you will move to cross the screen from the left side to the right side. It makes it more difficult to control your car. For the first time, you may feel confused and hard to play but by trying a few times, you will get familiar with the control mechanism and gameplay.

On, you also have to collect coins and some power-ups along the way as well. There is a kind of power-up that keeps you safe from crashing into other cars. There is a kind of power-up that refills the gas and so on. You should collect them if it’s possible. The most important thing is to avoid other cars by changing the lanes. If you take action late, it’s a high chance that you cause an accident.

Also, you have to finish your race within a certain given time. Play more and explore more. Have fun and don’t forget to enjoy other choices such as Crash Of Cars and Water Car Stunt Racing.


WASD and arrow keys to control your car.

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