Money Movers 1


Money Movers 1 GamePlay:

Embark on a thrilling adventure in prison. You may have never had before for sure. Here at friv Games 2020, you won’t simply discover all the corners of the jail but complete a journey of escaping from the heavily guarded prison. It’s an intense mission that not everyone can get this job done. How about you? Give it a try and it will keep you hooked from the first level. Money Movers 1 brings you to meet 2 criminals.

They are planning a prison escape and they will make it with your help. This game is for 2 players because 2 characters are controlled separately. However, you also can control both of them not at the same time but one after one. Your main goal in each level is to go to the exit with at least 1 bag of money. Yes, you not only help them get out of there but also steal as much money as possible.

On, 2 characters have strengths and weaknesses and they will complement each other. Each of them can’t make it without the other one. They team up, collaborate and they will reach their goal. Both of them have to go through the exit together. If this one reaches the exit first, he has to wait for the other person. This game is a combination of platformer, adventure, and puzzle game.

Apart from jumping over the platforms to reach the exit, they also need to solve some puzzles to overcome the obstacles as well. This is going to be fun and you will love it. Don’t forget to add some games to your favorite list. Some of the best games you should check out are Animal Dash And Jump or Scary Maze 

Controls: Player 1 uses WASD to move and player 2 uses arrow keys to move.

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