Scary Maze


Scary Maze GamePlay:

Some games look simple but it turns out a challenge that you never expect. Scary Maze is one of those games. It's simple in gameplay, design, and even control. However, to get a high score in this game isn’t easy at all. Here at online Games friv, just stay focused on your goal which is to complete the journey from the start to the end of the maze without touching the walls. If you hit the wall, you have to start from the beginning no matter what level you are at.

To be clear, you finish the current level and you move to the next level right away. For example, if you are in level 5, but unfortunately, you hit the wall, then you have to play from level 1. So make sure you take action carefully. Be steady in every step you take. If your hands are shaking, you will fail. On, just a wink, a sneeze or shaking hands can make all efforts disappear.

Move slowly but steadily is the best strategy you can apply to make it to the end of each maze. Don’t move too fast because you will go into some narrow paths and turns. There is no helpful item. It’s all up to you. Each level welcomes you with a challenge and be ready for every challenge that awaits you ahead. It becomes harder and harder. If you succeed in conquering all the mazes in this game, then you can deal with other challenges in other games such as Family Relics and Tower Builder. So have a look at them.

Controls: Use your mouse to move.

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