Path Finding Cakes Match


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Path Finding Cakes Match is a free online match-3 game has the traditional gameplay with a twist. You will find the familiar features of the classic match-3 games with refresh gameplay. If in other games, you will swap the position of the items to group 3 items of the same kind, your goal is the same at friv free online juegos However, you will reach this target in a new way. You will move the items to the blank spaces to create a horizontal or vertical row of 3 identical items to collect them and get scores. You must collect all the cakes on the gaming board within a limited time. If a certain cake blocks your way, you can remove it and keep continuing. Sometimes, you have to remove some cakes in a certain area to create space for other ones. Otherwise, your current target will stay still.

This match-3 game is not too hard but still challenging. And if you are looking for a game that helps you relax and fully enjoy your free time, then this one is one of the best choices on friv game 2020 15 amazing levels with the increased difficulty level are waiting for you ahead. You play from the first level, then gradually unlock the next one. You don’t have any power-ups. Therefore, you need to observe and guild your cake with the right path. So, each kind of cake will meet their friend. What more are you looking for? Start the game and set your record right now. Besides, don’t forget to enjoy other choices such as 2020 Deluxe and Zen Block

How to play: Click to move the cake

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