Prison Escape Plan


Prison Escape Plan GamePlay:

Prison Escape Plan is a fun puzzle game about helping 3 prisoners escape from a prison guarded by the strongest guard security system. It sounds impossible but with your help, they will succeed. So, you are the one who helps them get out of there by planing every move. You will see 2 marked points at each level at friv games 2020. You have to observe the positions that the guards are standing and all security systems are placed to draw a line connecting O and X.

After that, 3 prisoners follow that line. If the line is stopped halfway, they also stop and you cannot continue connecting from that point to X. It means you have only one chance to draw in each level. If you fail, you have to play that level once again to unlock the next stage. On, it’s better to draw the shortest line but the length of the line doesn’t matter as soon as these prisoners can go through the security systems and guards without being caught.

When they come to X, they are free. As you level up, the game becomes harder because more security systems and guards will appear. It will be easy to make a mistake if you don’t have a wisely plan. These prisons don’t know what is waiting for them ahead. You are their eyes and their minds.

The puzzle element of this game is truly interesting and 50 levels as 50 puzzles will give you a long gaming experience full of fun and excitement. Hope you can help all prisoners and they will find freedom soon. After that, make sure you discover the following options: Square Bird and Highway Robbers

Controls: Draw by using your left mouse.

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