Go Escape


Go Escape GamePlay:

Today, the world is ruled by the games have a simple but challenging concept. These games don’t require the player to spend too much time learning the rules and grinding. You can get familiar with the game immediately after playing for a few seconds and Go Escape is one of them. Instead of playing around with weapons or dealing with various enemies, the rule of this game is straight forward.

You must lead the ball to the safe place in each level at friv for free. You release the ball trapped in the highest platform and lead this vulnerable through tons of obstacles. If your ball has a little touch to these obstacles, it explodes right away. The key to victory in this game is to jump at the right time to overcome the danger. You have to tap or click on the screen at the right moment to make your ball jump over the spikes and reach the safe place at the bottom of the screen.

It may sound simple, but you will change your mind after playing the first level on http://m.friv.land. It’s normal if you have to play a certain level several times. To unlock the new level, you have to complete the mission in the current one. Otherwise, you will get stuck on that level until you succeed.

This game is simple from graphics, to the rule but has challenging gameplay. Let’s see how can you conquer all levels here. If it’s not challenging enough for you, just check out these following options to find out whether it suits your taste or not  Xipooh and Quadrant Commander.

How to play: Click or tap to control your ball.

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