Puppet Football Fighters


Puppet Football Fighters GamePlay:

Puppet Football Fighters is a sports game at Friv.land. You have to move and score many goals to beat opponents out. You aren’t the winner until you destroy rivals totally. Puppet Football Fighters game brightens you up in friv ]. You don’t’ have playmates, so you must fight alone.  Be courage and confident!


Puppet Football Fighters free game is so riveting and captivating. You can enter a nickname or play as an anonymous. You play with another player from around the world. You can own maximum 4 characters. You use any character for one match. How do you win this game? You will defeat or destroy opponents. Each player has a health bar above their head. When the bar runs out of color on friv ] games, the player will die and the other one is the winner.


You kick the ball on the opponent to damage him. If you score goals, the opponent will be damaged more seriously.  You eliminate him to gain victory. You get 20 points for each goal. We save your points. Your scores and opponent’ scores are shown during the match. If you are the winner, you can open a mystery chest of friv ] online game. Don’t forget to collect more characters, coins or diamonds. Each character has different powers and skills.


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How to play:                                                                              

  • Use the left arrow and right arrow to go left and go right.
  • Use up arrow to jump.