Super Car Zombie


Super Car Zombie GamePlay:

Super Car Zombie is a unique driving game full of action, speed and zombie as well. Here at friv game 2019, you drive in the courses filled with obstacles and kill zombies at the same time. It sounds fun, doesn’t it? That’s true. This game is attractive and immerse that make you once come in, hardly come out. You discover 2 places in the game including desert and port. Each place offers 3 levels with an increasing difficulty level.

To unlock the next level, you have to reach the finish line at the current level with at least 1 star. At the beginning of each level, you have a short preview of the course that you are going to conquer. Observe carefully on what you are going to deal with because it helps you so much. You will see all the obstacles and challenges await ahead. On, let’s ready, speed up and go. Jump over the obstacles, fly over the dangers, crash into all zombies to earn coins, collect coins along the way and avoid all explosive barrels to keep your life safe.

If you crash into the explosive barrels, your car will explode and that level ends. Control your speed well to deal with each situation successfully. When you have enough coins, you can use them to buy the new, cooler cars in the store. Each car has its own stats of speed and handling. So if you unlock all of them, you can try and pick out the one suit you the best. Have a safe journey. You can expect that there are many games as cool as this one. Some of them are Ghost Rider and Motorbike Stunts.

How to play: Use arrow keys to drive.

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