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Rapunzel Dye Hair Designer is ready at Friv.land. Rapunzel wants to try trendy hairstyle. She   desires to have the latest hair color. This game is a marvelous option for you. Rapunzel Dye Hair Designer game gives you an occasion to become a hairdresser on frivcom2. Show your talent and passion. Jazz her hair up.
Welcome you to the Rapunzel Dye Hair Designer! This is an online free single player game. You will help Rapunzel own the best hairstyle. The girl will go to a hair salon to have new hair colors. Let’s do this! Rapunzel is about to have the hair dyed. Firstly, choose a good-looking style. Her original hair color is sandy in wwwfrivcom2. Now you will dye it with many a lot of colors. Her hair is divided into 3 parts. You decide to change their color.
In the color board, we supply green, blue, yellow, ginger, pink, jet black, and purple. You may create many designs. Dye 3 parts with one color. Dye each part with each color. Maintain the original color in two parts and just dye one part. The choice is yours. A lot of designs are waiting for you to discover. Pick favorite colors and apply the rinse on her hair at www frivcom2 games. We have shinning effects too. You can make the hair twinkle. It’s so amazing.
 The next step is to pick the wonderful cloth items for Rapunzel. What are necessary things? Dress, shirt, skirt, shoes, and necklace are provided for you. There are countless sizes, patterns, and designs.  You even don’t know what to take. Mix clothes perfectly to make a fashionable outfit in frivcom2 player games. Use your creativity and good taste in fashion to make sets of clothes in vogue. You will lead the modernistic trend. It’s thanks to your help that Rapunzel looks imposing. Her style is so attractive and unique. Everyone compliments the princess on her appearance. She must be very pleased. Good job!
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 How to play:

  • Use the mouse to play.
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