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Rapunzel Leg Model is an adorable one-player game at Friv.land. Would you like to see models going catwalk? They are professional and attractive. Princess Rapunzel is a leg model, but her legs are injured. You become a doctor give her a treatment. Rapunzel Leg Model game provides you with medical tools on friv.con.
The Rapunzel Leg Model will give back the beauty of Rapunzel’s legs. She is known as a leg model. Her legs are long and sexy. However, an accident happened. The legs get hurt. Are you willing to prescribe a treatment for her? Many kinds of injury are on her legs, so you must apply many methods in friv.con games.
We give you some ice cubes. You will put ice on bruises to remove them. Use pincers to pick up pieces of glass. Put the pieces on a tray. We have a box of cotton and a bottle of antiseptic. You take a piece of cotton and sink it in antiseptic. Apply it on her wounds and broken skin. You use gauzes to apply on the broken skin at friv.con free games. We give you a syringe so that you inject her leg with penicillin. Now her legs become healthy.   
The next task is to dress up. However, she has no idea about what to wear. You are in charge of choosing the most elegant costumes from the wardrobe. It is a precious chance to work as a stylist. You achieve experiences and master your taste in fashion. The girl’ closet is full of clothes and jewelry. The great number of cloth items and jewelry will make you impressed. Pick dresses, high heels, necklaces and sunglasses on friv.con player games. There are a bunch of sizes, colors, and designs. All are made to wear in summer. We are glad that you can pick your favorite costumes. Remember to select a hairstyle which is suitable for her face. Finally, she is satisfied with her new appearance.
All your opinions are warmly welcomed. We hope that you will share the game with your playmates. Look for more games like Sweet Princess Spa Salon and To Be Frozen Sisters Cosmetic Surgery at http://m.friv.land/. Explore and rate them!

Use the mouse and click icons to play.

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