Roof Rails


Roof Rails GamePlay:

Roof Rails is designed with simple concepts but challenging to conquer. Like other games applying the same concept that you may have played at Friv Land, the rule of the game is straight forward. You don’t have to spend much time and effort to learn. You know how to play at ease. Let’s talk about your main goal first which is to reach the finish line. You make it by running through a series of roofs. These roofs won’t be connected.

There is a gap between 2 of them and there are 2 parallel rails. You will use your pole to roll along the rails to move to the next roof. However, your pole has to be long enough to be on both rails. So try to collect as many sticks as you can to make your pole longer. The long pole is useful because it can help you collect coins without running through these coins. Besides, your pole may get cut by some obstacles such as saw blades. Then, it’s better and safer to have a long pole.

On, make sure that you aim for the middle of the rails when you start falling between them. As said above, your pole needs to be on both rails. Otherwise, you fall and fail. As a result, you have to play that level once again. When your pole touches any of the obstacles, it will become shorter but if you hit one of them, the game ends there. Once again, keep yourself stay away from them.

Keep in your mind that the challenging level will increase as you advance. Have fun and don’t forget to enjoy other games such as My Pizza Outlet and Montezuma Gems.


Use your left mouse to move.

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