Santa Kick Tac Toe


Santa Kick Tac Toe GamePlay:

Santa is here at to enjoy the Christmas holiday with all of you. After preparing and delivering gifts to children around the world, finally he has some free time to rest. However, he doesn’t want to waste this precious time. Therefore, he’s going to play a game. It’s called Santa Kick Tac Toe.

Looking at its name and you can tell its gameplay combines Tic Tac Toe with something else like football. What you have to do is to create a line of 3 O or 3 X to win a match. You can compete against CPU or one of your friends. There is no limited time or movement. Therefore, you should take your time to plan your movement. Only one wrong move can send you to failure. You may soon realize that this game’s gameplay is different from the traditional Tic Tac Toe ones.

Here, instead of writing O or X into a cell of a 3x3 gameboard, you kick the ball to the Christmas gifts to put your symbol on it. In this Friv Land game, each cell on the gameboard is a gift. Be careful because you can miss the shot if you don’t aim properly and when you miss, it means you give your opponent a chance to come closer to victory. You not only have to plan each move widely but also shoot at the target successfully.

Besides, don’t pay all attention to creating a line of 3 O or 3 X. You also need to block your opponent to prevent him to create a line. Keep it in your mind and good luck. Check out other fun games on our site such as Go Santa Go and Red Ball Christmas love.

Controls: Mouse to aim and kick the ball.

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