Tricky Kick


Tricky Kick GamePlay:

Playing soccer doesn’t like playing soccer as usual. Are you curious about the new way to play soccer? Come to Tricky Kick to explore it now. Here at friv for free, let’s forget about 2 teams consist of 11 players each compete against each other in the field. In this game, there is only you and one goal. However, it’s not easy to goal at all. You have to go through a series of obstacles and goalkeeper as well.

You lead the ball zigzag and have to make sure that the ball won’t hit the wall or any obstacles. Otherwise, it will be blown up. When you lead the ball close to the goal, you will see a shooting area. You won’t kick the ball to the goal directly but shoot the ball to this area and the ball will go towards the goal. However, whether you earn scores or not depends on you.

On, if you shoot at the right moment, you have a high chance to get a score. The game becomes harder as you level up. In each level, you have 5 chances to shoot. It means if your ball is blown up along the way or the goalkeeper blocks the ball, you play that level once again.

When you use up every opportunity but still have not shot the ball into the goal, you will have to play from the beginning. This game likes a combination of a soccer game and a puzzle game. it’s sure to keep you hooked. Have a great time and don’t forget to check out other options such as Catch The Thief 3D and Axe Master.

Controls: Use your mouse to play.