Sea Rush


Sea Rush GamePlay:

The ocean has many mysterious secrets that haven’t been revealed. Sea Rush will give you a chance to discover something that the ocean holds by playing the game. Are you ready for that? You won’t dive and swim around but explore many kinds of fish. At Friv Land, this is a unique match-3 puzzle game in which you have to break a group of more than 3 blocks of the same color to clear them, and to rescue all fish species, you have to manage to collect 3 fishes. The level ends when you rescue a fish.

When the blocks reach the top of the screen, you know that it's the moment you lose. Blocks gradually emerged from the bottom of the ocean, then you have to break the blocks continuously to stop those blocks touch the top of the screen. Otherwise, you lose and you have to play from the beginning. This game is colorful and it has a simple rule and gameplay. So it suits all ages. On, if you feel the emerging speed of the blocks is too slow, you can click on the up arrow button to speed them up.

Besides, you will see some rainbow blocks. They are the special block that once you group 3 of them, you get a random power-up item such as a bomb will make all surround blocks blow up or arrow helps you clear a column or a row and so on. They are really helpful. As you level up, the mission of rescuing the fish becomes more challenging. Be well-prepared to deal with all upcoming challenges.

Good luck and you must know that many cool games are available on our site, right? Have a look at Pen Run Online and Face Breaker whenever you have time. Have fun!


Left click to destroy the blocks.

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