Pen Run Online


Pen Run Online GamePlay:

Do you want to play a game related to school stuff? Pen Run Online is about pen running. Here at friv free, you won’t use a pen to write down something but slide to run the pen on the table. It’s a game instead of a subject that you have to learn at school. In this simple arcade game, your ultimate goal is to reach the finish line safely. Run through all the obstacles such as books, pen containers, erasers, and more to avoid falling. Besides, you have to be careful while moving. Don’t move to the edge of the table because you will fall off the table. You have 2 ways to finish each level.

Firstly, you alone run and avoid all obstacles along the way to reach the end. Secondly, you collect as many pens during the way as possible and when you have a group of pens and you crash into any obstacles, you won’t die because just some of the pens have been left behind. You just need only 1 pen that reaches the finish line to win on When you reach the end, the extra pens you collect will be taken in the book. These books are your collection of pens and you can unlock new skins for books and pens in the store with the money you earn.

This game is not difficult but it requires you to act very skillfully due to those obstacles. They are there to stop you. As you level, your journey becomes much harder. You have to stay focused on playing. Explore other options such as Splishy Fish and Brain Explosion.


Slide with your left mouse to move.

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