Shooting Range Simulator


Shooting Range Simulator GamePlay:

Do you want to improve your shooting skills to get ready for other shooting games? Do you have a bad day? Do you get scolded by your boss or get a bad mark at school? An now, you want to release some anger? Whatever you want right now, Shooting Range Simulator has covered everything. It’s a perfect place to enhance your skills as well as reduce stress and anger at Friv 2018.

It will improve your shooting skills in another level while giving you a great relaxing moment, release anger without harming yourself or anyone, getting caught by police or being judged by someone. Here, you can enjoy the most realistic shooting simulation ever on Come to the shooting field and try shooting with various kinds of weapons to reach the goal you came here. Imagine that the target is the cause of your anger and shoot down it with your powerful headshot or shoot at the essential parts of the body.

You are allowed to walking around and use different weapons such as hand gun, shot gun or machine gun or even destroy everything with grenades. However, be carefull, because you ca blow yourseft up by accident. Shoot until you think it’s enough. Just feel free and play at your pace and have fun. After experiencing this game, you can apply what you have learned in Revenge Of The Triceratops and Deer Hunter 3D.


  • 1 - 5 to switch weapons.
  • WASD to move.
  • E to interact.
  • R to reload.
  • F to use a flashlight.
  • H to Heal.
  • V to enter weapon upgrade menu.
  • Ctrl to crouch.
  • Shift to run.
  • Space to jump.
  • Mouse to aim and shoot.
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