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Skeeball is an interesting street sport game at! In this game you need to throw the balls into the targeted holes and score as many points as possible! See how many score you can get, have a good time! Play Skee Ball and Free online games from Friv land.

Click and hold the mouse button toward the bottom of the screen, then fling the mouse forward and release the button to throw the ball. Flinging right or left will cause the ball to roll accordingly. Score a red ball for double points and a blue ball for quadruple points. Score a flashing yellow target to get a free ball. Score 600 or more points and get three bonus balls. Good luck!

The Skeeball is a one-player online game. You can play it for free on our website. If you like shooting games, this game won’t make you disappointed for sure. We give you 10 balls to shoot. There are 7 holes in the ground: two 100-point holes, a 50-point hole, 40-point hole, 30-point hole, 20-point hole, and 10-point hole. Try your best to get many scores in friz com.

You see the arrow’s movement to choose the right direction. Use power effectively. Each shot’s strength is shown on the arrow. Shoot cleverly to get the ball into the highest-score holes. It’s not easy. You can do it, however. Practice makes perfect on www friz com. Play more and more. You will become a master one day. After you use up 10 balls, the game is over. Your scores will be displayed on the screen. You may play a new game right now.

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How to play:

Use arrow button or keys to change shot position.

Press space bar to set power and direction.


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