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Space has become such a famous theme nowadays and Friv land provides a free chance to try out our latest game in space: Space Big Gun! From the name of it, can you guess what the game is about? That's right! While being thousands of miles away from the Earth, you have to figure out the way to survive with your only possession is your trusty spaceship and a gun.

These are the tools to help you travel across the galaxy and return home safe and sound. In order to survive, it's crucial that you avoid the collisions with any strange objects floating around in space, such as asteroids and aliens. Moreover, some of the asteroids can change the direction. Since they want to approach your ship to get the power, don't let them get too close! It's a long way back home, and all that it takes is one collision to make your ship explode.

Friv land trusts that our players will show their best skills in controlling the ship. If you happen to miss the aliens, don't panic! You can change the direction of the ship to avoid the obstacles since you don't necessarily have to shoot down all of them. The scores will be calculated based on the number of the destroyed obstacles and the length of the path as well.

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Move and shoot with your left mouse.

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