Gun Battle Royale


Gun Battle Royale GamePlay:

Are you looking for a multiplayer game to compete against other players all around the world? Don’t waste your time to find anymore. Frivland game introduces you one of the best battle royale games ever that give you entertain for hours. The game is called Gun Battle Royale. You will experience action-packed combat on colorful cartoon style graphics. Enter a cool name, wait for other player enter the room, control your brave little hero and be the last man standing.

On the battlefield full of enemies, you must combine defend and attack. It means you must shoot enemies while hiding behind cars or walls to avoid being killed by them. Run if needed and shoot at the right moment. You can send other players to the grave with various weapons like machine gún, shotguns or even bazookas. Every match takes place within 2 minutes 30 seconds. It’s quite short but enough for you to enjoy the heat of the battle. Win or not, after a fight, you will earn some coins. You use the coin to unlock new characters in the shop. You can apply many strategies to the battle. For example, you hide behind something and wait for enemies come to you or you find and kill them.

For a while, there’s fire scrolling slowly down the field, so every player will gather in a small field. At that time, the match is even more thrilling because you confront the enemy directly. Stay strong and keep your life safe with your skills. Good luck! Click on this link to enjoy more fun games such as Bomb it 7 or Battle Royale.

Instructions: Use arrow keys/WASD to move, mouse to aim and shoot.

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