Space Rush


Space Rush GamePlay:

Some games are designed by mixing the gameplay of other games. This brings out something unique that differs from the original ones. And here at Friv Land, you will have a chance to experience the iconic features of 2 games in 1 game. It’s called Space Rush. Look at its name and it doesn’t tell you anything. Well, it’s an awesome combination of Among Us and Zombie Tsunami, 2 of the most favorite games of many players around the world.

In this game, your mission is to rescue as many Among Us buddies as possible. They are trapped and you are the only one who is free right now. Just run forward and save your friends. Don’t make its look fool you. This game is challenging as you are easily stuck and your life ends. It seems that you are the leader of the group and you have to add more members to your group.

On, if you run and see a group that has more members than the number of members following you, just leave because you can rescue them. You only can save the groups that have the same or fewer number of members than yours. There are so many different kinds of obstacles here. Make sure you guide your members to pass them safely. Otherwise, some members will die. Remember that your ultimate goal is to save the highest number of Among Us characters. Your journey ends when no member of your group survives.

Besides, don't forget to collect coins to buy helpful items in the store. They will help you a lot. Enjoy and feel free to discover many free games on our site. Some of the best suggestions for you are Best Link and Neon Catapult.


Click or tap to jump.