Neon Catapult


Neon Catapult GamePlay:

Neon Catapult is a very attractive shooting game with stunning neon style and cool gameplay. The most obvious description of the gameplay of this game is that it is quite similar to Angry Birds that you also can play for free at…. Similar gameplay doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have anything unique to keep your hooked. It’s full of special features that you can’t find in any games of the same genre.

Let’s focus on the main point which is your objective. You have to break 3 targets in every single level of this game by using your catapult and shooting the neon balls at them. The key is to adjust the strength and the angle of each shot. Follow the guideline and adjust as you want and all levels will be conquered by you.

On, this game features 2 modes including Easy mode and Hard mode. To get familiar with the gameplay and the control mechanism, you’re better to enter the Easy mode first. Each mode offers 30 levels and you start from level one. If your first shot just makes one target or no target break, don’t worry. You can try next time. You have 10 balls in each level to knock down the targets. Try to use as few balls as possible to earn a high score but it’s ok if you use all the balls as soon as you can break all 3 targets.

On some levels, if you see any TNTs, let’s shoot the ball at them to make use of this explosive to blow up everything with one shot. It’s a way to save the ball and finish the level quicker. Hope you like it and other games on our site as well. Let’s have a look at Vex 5 and Potion Ingredient Match.


Use the mouse to drop the ball.

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