Mr. Bouncemasters 2


Mr. Bouncemasters 2 GamePlay:

Baseball is played differently in the latest game at friv free Games online called Mr. Bouncemasters 2. You still have a baseball but you don’t have a ball. The original ball is replaced with a penguin. Sound cruel, doesn’t it? But it’s fun and it doesn’t seem cruel at all. So, you play as the polar bear and your mission is to launch the penguin with a baseball bat to make it go as far as possible. The point that the penguin lands is your record.

This repeats like that and the thing that keeps you play again is to break the previous record by making a new one. However, it’s not easy. The rule is simple but the gameplay is hard to master. You have to swing the baseball bat at the right time and hit the penguin. If your penguin drops, then you swing the bat, it’s too late. So timing is the key to set a record. By taking action at the perfect moment, you can launch the penguin go further.

On, this game is not about adjusting the strength and angle of the hit but timing. As the penguin goes further, you can explore more the landscapes. However, the way is not smooth and safe at all. It’s full of obstacles and traps. So, your mission is not only to launch the penguin but also click to tap to make it bounce high and avoid all dangers along the way.

You can earn coins during the game and use these coins to upgrade your penguin. Break a leg and make sure you give a try with the following options: Jewel Dash and Fun Halloween Jigsaw.


Click to launch the penguin.

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