Squid Fighter Gamer


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The list of Squid Game-inspired games at Friv fighting games welcomes a new addition. Do you want to explore? Squid Fighter Gamer is a must-play game for those who love something like Street Fighter. It’s all about punching and kicking to defeat every single opponent. You play as one of the contestants in the Squid Game movie series. You are under the attack of many guardians and robot dolls. You have to protect yourself.

Punch and kick each enemy approaching you before they hit you. Try to attack enemies constantly because you don’t have any friends or companies to help you. You are alone to face enemies and several of them attack you at the same time. Here at https://m.friv.land/, this is one of many games for 2 players. You are just alone if you choose to play 1-player mode. If you play 2-player mode, you can fight against enemies with one of your friends on the same device.

There are 5 missions in total and each mission includes several levels. In each level, you have to beat a specific number of enemies. If you are defeated, you have to restart that level. Sometimes, you will face the big boss. You have to use and combine a lot of fighting moves to win. This is an unequal battle. So you have to take every opportunity to attack and take down the enemy.

Remember that you are not facing one enemy at a time, but with many at once. If you miss the opportunity and let the enemy attack you, it will be difficult for you to counterattack and win. Break a leg and enjoy every moment here. After that, let’s save the following options to enjoy in your free time: Mr. Soldier and Shooting HUGGY WUGGY

Controls: Arrow keys to move, Z to punch/press and hold 2 seconds to use power punch, X to kick/escape.