Stickman Supreme Shooter


Stickman Supreme Shooter GamePlay:

If you like action-packed shooter games, you definitely check out a game called Stickman Supreme Shooter. Unlike other shooter games at in which you have to go around to seek your enemies, here enemies come to you. They are crowded and aggressive. They will surround and attack you as a group. If you don’t fight back and defend yourself at the same time, you lose your life after a few seconds.

Step back and run is the only way to defend. You can’t find a cover or protection. Enemies make you move back all the time. Don’t let them put you in a bad fix. If you’re be checkmated, your chances of surviving and continuing to fight are not high. Step back and run while your gun is reloaded. Don’t stay still if you want to survive. In each level, you have to kill a certain number of enemies and you also deal with a boss.

Kill them all and the next level is unlocked. The fastest and easiest way to kill enemies is to shoot at the head. Keep it in your mind. This Friv Land game features 4 heroes and 15 weapons. You use golds to unlock new heroes. Gold is obtained from daily player XP rank. You gain Player XP when you complete the level. You can see your rank within the Main menu. You purchase new weapons by using cash. Don’t forget to claim your daily reward to get cash.

The faster you eliminate enemies, the more stars you get. You just need a least one star to maneuver to subsequent level. Enjoy this game and have fun in other options such as Stickman Death Run and Get To The Choppa.

How to play: WASD to move, mouse to aim and shoot.

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