Stud Rider


Stud Rider GamePlay:

How good are your driving skills? Even if you are a great motor driver, you’ll sweat a lot in the latest driving game at friv Games for boys called Stud Rider. It’s an endless driving game where your ultimate objective is to drive as far as possible. The driving track is not straight and smooth like in other racing games. You will drive on a bumpy road and your motorbike is quite vulnerable.

It will fall apart if you aren’t careful. You have to master the speed. Even though riding your motorbike at high speed is satisfying and cool, the higher the speed, the easier you lose. The main goal in this game is to drive to the furthest instead of drive as fast as possible; Therefore, if you want to set your own record that is hard to break, you should drive slowly.

Here at, your motorbike is not only easily breakable but also for short-term use. It means you have to refill quite often because it runs out of fuel so fast. Then, do not leave any can of fuel behind. Your riding journey ends because of two reasons. Firstly, your motorbike is exploded. Secondly, your motorbike runs out of fuel. These are 2 things that you can totally avoid. Remember that it’s not about speed but survival long enough to satisfy your desire to conquer the heights.

Set your record and break it next time when you play. You may find this game simple, simple yet challenging. Enjoy your time and don’t forget to explore more games on our site. These are 2 options that you should play: 2 Cars Run and Car Runner

Controls: Arrow keys.

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