Super Crime Steel War Hero


Super Crime Steel War Hero GamePlay:

Iron Man is one of the most favorite heroes of many people. He’s not only a billionaire but also a genius. It’s time to become a monument like him in an action-packed shooting game called Super Crime Steel War Hero. At friv games free, there are 4 quality settings including Low – Fewer cars/humans and deformation vehicles off, Medium – Medium cars/humans and deformation vehicles off, High – Many cars/humans and deformation vehicles off and Very high – Max cars/humans and deformation vehicles on.

Choose the option you want and start the show. Each time, the game requires you to finish a mission. Complete the mission rewards you some coins and you also collect money and bitcoin around the map, then use them to purchase more advanced weapons and equipment. Similar to the amazing Iron Man, you can fly around to explore the vast 3D city and try to eliminate all criminals as well as gangsters. Shooting lasers right on the enemies to kill them on Fly to travel faster to the destination you want.

Clean all the streets and every corner to save the day. Are you a true hero? As the game processes, you can unlock different suits and discover more missions. You even can steal vehicles along the way. No one judges you because it serves justice. Feeling like a hero like never before in this amazing game. Have fun and show off yourself in other games such as Toon Strike Force: Arcade Space Shooter and Tiles Hop.

How to play: WASD/Arrow keys to move; T to open nearby garage; E to start to fly; C to fly down; Right click to shoot laser; Left click to shoot or punch; Spacebar to jump or fly up; X to switch weapon; Left shift to run; F to open car; R to open the nearby shop; G to throw grenade; Z to switch grenade; C to switch vehicle camera.

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