Super Apple Pen 2


Super Apple Pen 2 GamePlay:

Do you find something that helps you relax after work or school? If yes, do not miss this super attractive game on Friv land. Super Apple Pen 2 can totally satisfy you.

Super Apple Pen 2 is a kind of shooting game on frip. But you do not shoot any enemies by guns but fresh assortments of fruits by the pens. Is that fun enough? You will keep playing and playing it for sure. Many different kinds of fruit are spinning non-stop and your mission is to stab these fruits by the pens in order to collect coins and get the highest score. Keep in mind that the fruit is spinning continuously so you must be careful. Don’t miss and don’t hit the pens that you already shot. Otherwise, you will lose and start the game again. Jump into this fun game and get a record now. Check out other related games such as Apple shooter.


Use the left and right arrow keys or mouse to play.

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