Super Stickman Duelist


Super Stickman Duelist GamePlay:

Stickman is here in another exciting game called Super Stickman Duelist. This is a great stickman dueling arcade game where you have to help Stickman kill every single enemy that he meets in each battle. On Friv Land, the content of this game is rich and enjoyable to discover. It offers two modes including Survival mode and Story move. Your ultimate objective in both modes is to take the life of all enemies.

In Survival mode, after you kill an enemy, another one will appear. This mode ends when you run out of HP. Your HP won’t recover during the battle. Story mode is basically a level-based mode where you deal with an enemy on a level. So, to defeat enemies, you control Stickman with a blade stuck on him by a chain. You have to move, swing or rotate to attack the enemy with that blade and kill him before you’re killed by your enemy.

At, you can drop the original blade and pick up the new one if it appears on the ground or if a dead enemy drops it. With a win, you earn coins, runes, diamonds, and some resources. Coins are used to unlock new skins. Runes are used to upgrade your existing weapons. Diamonds are used to buy new weapons and new skills while resources are used to craft weapons. You have to collect enough resources to create new items that you can use to kill enemies in the battle and that takes a lot of time.

The more powerful the weapon, the more materials it needs. It’s a fact. So enjoy your time and don’t forget to explore more games on our sites. Some of the best options for you are Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers and Stickman Gun Battle Simulator

How to play: Move the stickman with your mouse.

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