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Taxi Of Day is available now on! You like driving races. You are crazy about high-speed vehicles. This game is a good choice for you. The Taxi Of Day of juego friv seems so easy to play. You may start the first race without training. Your car will be your best friend who travels with you on the hard roads. Try it out!

Welcome to Taxi Of Day free game! It is a driving one-player online game. You will drive your own car on a one –way multiple-track road. Get points during the race. You have to control your vehicle effectively. At first, you are the only car on the way. It’s so simple to move in juego friv online game. You can run fast. Enjoy the high speed. Nevertheless, other vehicles such as trucks, minivans, motorbikes, and buses will join the road. The road becomes busy. You must change the speed to move smoothly. Avoid other means of transportation. If you touch or crash into them, the accident happens. You lose your life, and the game is over. Don’t worry! You perhaps replay at once at juego friv player game. Watch out! Focus on driving.

Because the road is congested sometimes, you should make drifts to enter other lanes. Don’t smash into vehicles! Be in the zone!  You are going to master your driving skill and become a pro. We will record the time you take to drive. Your score is shown on the screen. Attempt to gain points as many as possible. Surpass other cars and win a great race on juego friv for free.  

We are pleased to receive your feedback. All comments help us to improve and develop our games. If you are interested in this racing game, share it with your family and friends. Rate it right now. Play many different games such as Extreme Offroad Cars 2, Monster Truck Soccer, and at  Have a nice time!


Use arrows to speed up, slow down, turn left and turn right.

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