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Temple Run Online GamePlay:

When you see rocks ahead at Temple Run Online, you find a way to avoid them. Make joyousness in Friv.land. You see yourself in the forest. You must run on a long track. Take gold coins and boost your strength. Upgrade the power. Hurdles impede the runner. Stay strong on Temple Run Online of online friv games.

Temple Run Online free game is very entertaining. You take a role of a man running on the endless road. You collect coins to purchase special goods and improve your abilities. The road is old and has the yellow color. Many obstacles stop you from doing missions. You make jumps to overcome them. In online friv games free, you jump over three rocks and move to the right to avoid a pile of stone. Turn right and turn left at the right time to get coins and dodge obstructions.

Some floating bars prevent you. In that case, you slide down to pass through them. Lots of holes appear like traps. You must jump fast to avoid falling. The main obstacles are wooden bars, rocks, and holes. Obstructions turn up in a row. You jump, slide down and run continuously in online friv games for school. The important thing to succeed is acting fast and choose the right move.

You can see your status in the statistic part. You know the highest score, longest run, and coins in single-run mode. In the lifetime part, you see the total games, total distances, and total coins. In the store, you can use coins to buy some powers. You may own coin magnet lasts longer, invincibility lasts longer, coin x 2 after 500m, mega-boost to 200m and increase the number of lives.

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How to play:

  • Use right/left arrow to move to the right/left.
  • Use down arrow to slide.
  • Use up arrow to jump.
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