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The new season has officially started. You are one of the few tennis players in your country to participate in this tournament. Everyone is proud of you. It's time to head out onto the field to meet your opponents and prove to them they can't beat you. Tennis Masters is a great sports game at Friv Land that offers 2 modes including single-player and 2 players. In single-player mode, your rival is a computer and in 2 players mode, you can play with one of your friends on the same computer.

Choose a mode you want and a character that you love. Each choice of character has no different compared to each other. So feel free to choose whoever you like. After, hold your racquet tightly and get ready to start the match. This tennis game doesn’t look like any tennis games that you have played before. It’s fun and exciting and it has something just happen in the game world. Here, you have to take action at the right time to serve the ball, toss the ball, and hit the ball to make your opponent can’t catch it. Move forward and backward if necessary to toss the ball. There are 5 sets in the tennis match. If you win 3 sets or 4 in 6 sets, you win the match.

On, the most interesting feature of this game is the power-ups. Each type of power-up will appear above the net. If the ball that you hit goes through it, you can make your opponent become tiny or slower or make yourself speed up and make the ball fire up, and so on. They help you a lot in each set.

Have fun and bring the champion cup to your hometown. Enjoy other choices of games such as Adam and Eve 8 and Hoop Star.


Player 1: Arrow keys to move, L to hit, and K to smash.

Player 2: WASD to move, X to hit and Z to smash.

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