Toon Horizon Car Chase


Toon Horizon Car Chase GamePlay:

You always can find new options to enjoy in the racing and driving category at friv free Games online and now, it’s time to welcome another choice called Toon Horizon Car Chase. Look at its name and you can tell how cool it is. If you’re curious about what it will bring to you. Let’s dig in right now. Here, you have 14 different tracks to discover. The special thing about those tracks is that they are floating in the air. Besides, they are narrow and full of obstacles. It means you are easy to fall.

Like many driving games out there, you have to finish the first track to unlock the second one and complete the second one to move to the third one, and so on. Interestingly, each track doesn’t require you to reach the finish line within a given time or reach a certain goal. As soon as you reach the finish line, the next track will be unlocked. Of course, it’s not easy to come to the end. Normally, all players tend to drive at high speed in this type of game. However, high speed can be the reaper if you can’t control your car well, especially when you land after a jump.

On, at high speed, you may find it hard to brake when an obstacle suddenly appears. Therefore, your journey will end pretty soon. The obstacles can push you off the track or block your way. You have to manage to go through them whenever you have a chance.

Don't drive at too high speed if you are new to the game. After you get familiar with the gameplay, you can speed up and get the thrill of high speed. Enjoy it and have fun in other games such as Moto X3M 4 and Moto Bike Attack Race.

Controls: Arrow keys to play.

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