Tower Ball 3D


Tower Ball 3D GamePlay:

It is the simplicity that makes this smashing become attractive. There is nothing better than smashing something in your way. It helps you relieve stress and have a great relaxing time. Welcome to Tower Ball 3D in which you have to destroy the tower using a bouncing ball.

This tower is built by tons of layers. You will start smashing from the top to the bottom without making your ball explode. Here at friv com Games play, you should remember that only the colored sections of the layers of the tower are safe. The black parts are dangerous. Don’t let your ball land on those part. This means your ball can only destroy the colored parts while hitting any black sections will cause an explosion. You can play in 2 ways.

The first one is to break each layer at a time, slowly but steadily. However, this way may make you get bored fastly. The second one is to go through several layers at once. It’s dangerous but give you a more satisfying experience. Or just switch between 2 strategies if needed during the level.

On, breaking several layers at once gives you extra points. There are some levels that you can finish with one move but the difficulty increases significantly as you level up, so be careful. If you want to smash something, don’t hesitate anymore, just come to this world and start breaking. Have fun! Many games are as fun as this one waiting for you on our site. Check out Clash Of Tanks and Animal Rescue 3d.

Controls: Click to smash.

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