Wuggy Fly


Wuggy Fly GamePlay:

Do you want to meet Huggy Wuggy once again? Yes, let’s play Wuggy Fly at https://m.friv.land/ and have a great time with our cute monster. However, you meet several Huggy Wuggy instead of one, and this time, they want you to join them in a challenge. In fact, they need your help to complete that challenge. All you need to do is to help them fly and land safely on the target platform from platform. It’s not an easy mission because they will deal with a lot of obstacles.

Besides, not only one Huggy Wuggy flies but a group of them. You need to help them avoid deadly obstacles and land safely at the final destination. You don’t have to clear a level within a certain amount of time, so timing your action to make it work. Once they start to fly, they can go back. 3 cases will happen. Firstly, Huggy Wuggy safely lands. Secondly, Huggy Wuggy falls without hitting anything. Finally, Huggy Wuggy falls because of crashing into an obstacle.

This friv free game offers 30 challenging and exciting levels. And you should be well-prepared because the difficulty level increases as you advance. The flying course will become more challenging and you have to handle a lot of things on the way. Some of the first levels are quite easy and you will get used to its gameplay while playing. Later on, you won’t find it hard to clear any mission.

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Controls: Arrow keys.