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Adam and Eve Zombies is available to play in! You take the part of a caveman at stake. Maybe serious challenges and perilous adventures scare you. Adam and Eve Zombies game of www appeals you for sure. What about getting ready to go into troubles and solve them?
The Adam and Eve Zombies is a one-player puzzle game in which you help Adam run away from horrible zombie cats. Adam's destiny depends on your action. His aim is to reunite with his wife named Eve. Nonetheless, Adam must overcome numerous challenges to meet her. The journey is very long. Try to avoid desperate accidents and solve difficulties of www for free.
Your task is to lend Adam a hand on his adventure to get back to his love. Observe objects and animals to find a way out of hazardous situations. Open doors, find keys, build bridges, turn on machines and make use of animals. You must take action step by step. Order of activities is very important. The zombie cats always run after you. They desire to murder you. Be cautious! If you are killed, you can restart that level in

To win the game you have to pass through a dozen of levels. All levels are very amusing. In some stages, we don’t give you the limited time. However, in a few levels, we ask you to finish missions in a certain amount of time. Think quickly and stay out of danger. Take advantage of your brilliant mind to leave dangerous things behind. Good luck!
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