Stupid Zombies


Stupid Zombies GamePlay:

As a combination of shooting games and puzzle games, Stupid Zombies challenges your shooting and problem-solving skills with 120 levels divided into 4 levels. You will find the game become harder as you level up. Here at friv games 2020, you start from level 1. This is the simplest level in the game that helps you learn how to play. The rule is simple. You aim and shoot at the targets to kill as many zombies in one shot as possible.

You have a limited amount of bullet at each level. So try to shoot accurately to save your bullet. If you run out of bullets, but one of these zombies still alive, you lose. In the later stages, it becomes tricky and you have to pay as twice attention as before because zombies will appear in the position that the bullet is harder to reach. You must take advantage of all objects that appear at that level.

Observe everything and try to plan a strategy and employ it. On, these challenges are puzzles that you have to solve. Finding the best way to kill zombies. The bullet can be bounced off the wall and kill all zombies in its flying path. So there are more chances for you to use with the fewest bullets to complete the mission on each level. Zombies are coming and crowded while you are alone, but don’t worry. You have everything it takes to defeat them. How much time does it take to conquer all 120 levels? Is it your best result? Play more and discover other games on our site such as Mexico Rex and Trollface Quest: USA 1 

How to play: Aim and shoot by using your mouse.

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