Basket Champs


Basket Champs GamePlay:

Basket Champs is a funny basketball- based online game from Imagine you are a popular player fighting against other teams to win the championship. How exciting! The Basket Champ free game may bring real experiences which make you feel so high. Why don’t you try it now?

Basket Champs game is one-player sports game. If you are a crazy fan of basketball, don’t miss this fascinating game. You are able to play basketball well on the game. Your task is to make exact dunks so that the ball gets through the basket. Each successful dunk is counted as a point. You and your rival take turns. Each team has five times to shoot hoops. Control carefully direction and strength of dunk to create perfect throwing. In the first matches, you may still not get used to throwing the ball. If you lose, the game can be begun again at once. Basketball skill which is trained will become professional at www friv com for free. Practice makes perfect. Remember this!   

You select your team at first. There are plenty of national teams for you to participate in such as United States, France, and Australia. We even divide teams into four groups A, B, C and D. In every group phase, teams will play matches against one another. After each match online games, your result is shown on the classification board. This stimulates competitiveness in the game. You will give the best shot to increase your rank. Let’s play and win the trophy!

A difficulty is the height of ring may change while you make dunks. Therefore, watch out and hit the ball! Have more fun with other games like Swipe Basketball, Basket legend and Crazy Basketball. Share and give comments about our services!


Use the mouse to throw the ball.