Treze Basket


Treze Basket GamePlay:

Basketball is a team sport. Your team will compete against another opposing team. Normally, each team includes 5 players. You must defend your hoop and lead the ball to the opposing team’s side and try to get a score. However, let’s learn a new rule in Treze Basket. This sports game is designed based on basketball. You are not a member of any teams or going to compete against other players around the world in a basketball pitch.

You are alone with 14 balls and a hoop at friv Games. Your ultimate goal in this sports game is to score as many points as possible. It means you must send all 14 balls to the hoop. There is no character waiting for you in the game. You hit the ball with a new method. You draw a line with a nice angle to make a shoot. Sound easy and interesting, doesn’t it? When playing, you will find this method insanely hard.

The length of the line is the strength of your shot. Depend on your position and the distance between you and the hoop, you estimate and adjust the strength and the angle of your shot nicely to send the ball to the hoop. There are only 14 balls in a playing session on If you just score a few scores, don’t be sad. Each time you fail, you get experience and horn your skill. So next time, you will play better. Let’s see how many balls can you shoot? Challenge your friends to have more fun. Have more memorable gaming experience with Piano Helix Jump and Piano Helix Jump.

How to play: Use your left mouse to draw a line to shoot the ball.