Ben 10 GoalKeeper


Ben 10 GoalKeeper GamePlay:

Ben 10 GoalKeeper is a fun football game about Ben 10. Do you know this boy? He is too famous, isn’t he? Here at friv Games for boys, Ben won’t embark on an adventure or do any mission this time. He is enjoying his spare time playing football. He plays as a goalkeeper but it seems that he doesn’t play very well. He always misses the ball. If he can’t catch the ball, he will lose. Can you help him block as many balls as possible?

Ben stands still and what you do is to make his hands or feet move to block the ball. You just need to tap or click on the foot or hand to prevent the ball reach the goal. You have 3 chances. It means it’s ok to miss the first and second ball but if you miss the third ball, the game ends. This is an endless ball-catching game. It tests your hand-eye coordination and reflex. If you’re fast enough, you fail to catch the ball.

Unlike other football games at where you control your football players running around the field, this game is just about a goalkeeper and what a goalkeeper needs to do. The score you get is the number of balls you catch. Keep in mind that you don’t have an unlimited chance. Make use of what you have to stop the opposing team from scoring. The ball is thrown randomly from 4 directions and your job is to locate it and block it.

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Instructions: Tap or click.