Goblin Clan


Goblin Clan GamePlay:

Goblin Clan is a free online strategy game in which goblins must aid each other in attempting to escape the imprisonment of the king and queen while plundering loot and attempting to avoid the wrath of a sorceress. Come along with us as we explore your thrilling world! This free online game is an excellent way to kill time while learning about the exciting world of goblins!

In this virtual world at Friv game, you will face many challenges and successfully overcome them all. With each mistake you make on your journey through Goblin Town, you will gain experience points, money, and other items that will assist you in unlocking future games. Much fun!

We can completely invite more friends to join and share the fun with them. If you love this game, you can join some other similar games like Poppy Playtime Puzzle Challenge


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