Goalkeeper Champ


Goalkeeper Champ GamePlay:

Football is the king of sports. Most people around the world love this sport and look forward to watching football even around the year. Everyone cheer their best and hope their team will win the competition. You’re not an audience in this following game but a player. More specific, you are a goalkeeper. Your mission in Goalkeeper Champ online is to come to the final. Before starting any match, you choose your favorite team. There are 8 groups. Each consists of 4 teams. Brazil, Germany, Uruguay, England and more also participate in this tournament.

After choosing your favorite one, a schedule will appear and show you who is your opponent. You must play through every round to come to the final. Here at Frivland games, you are a goalkeeper who is experienced and skilled in soccer. In your carrier, you hardly let your opponent shoot the ball into your goal. Let's promote the fighting spirit in the next matches. Let’s start the match and lead your country to the victory.

The rule is simple. You will get one point with every three successful blocks. Each time you miss the ball, your opponent earns one point. Move your goalkeepers hands flexible and try to guess the direction of the ball to block as many balls as you can within 9 shots. The red point appears in the screen will help you so much in the block all incoming shots. Take advantage of it and win the championship for your team. Good luck! More sports game are waiting for you on http://m.friv.land/. Let’s challenge your sports spirit with Football Legends Head Soccer and 10 Shot Soccer.

How to play: Use your mouse to control your glove.