Bounce Ball


Bounce Ball GamePlay:

 Bounce Ball is a fun and simple to play but hard to master jumping or bouncing game in which your objective is straightforward – keep your bounce ball staying alive as long as you can. Enjoy a challenging and exciting journey as you make it bounce through a path filled with obstacles. The control is simple.

At friv play Games you just need to move left or right to jump right into the hoop along the way. The ball automatically bounces ahead. This game looks like an endless runner game as the path has 3 lanes and you use arrow keys to make the ball jump to the left or right to go through the hoops. Some hoops stay still and some of them are moving continuously. If you miss any hoops or fall at the margin of the hoop, the game will end and you have to play from the beginning once again.

Along the way, try to collect diamonds to earn a bonus. Make many perfect jumps to earn more points. The ball will have a beautiful effect. On friv com Games play, as you advance in the game, the challenging level lightly increases. The ball’s speed will increase and the obstacles are unpredictable. You have to stay focused and be careful to keep bouncing. Set a record of yours and keep playing to break the previous ones. This arcade game is enjoyable and challenging. Don’t make its simple look fool you because you will be amazed by its difficulty. Enjoy the gaming moment here and play other interesting games on our site such as Circle Ping Pong and Dunk Hit

How to play:

Tap or use right and left arrow keys to play the game.

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